• Ending extreme poverty in eastern Congo.

    Organizing communities. Building businesses.


Mavuno is a nonprofit organization that develops local leaders in eastern Congo to end extreme poverty in their own communities. We organize communities and build businesses at the grassroots level.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the site of the deadliest conflict since World War II. Over 5.4 million people have died.

DRC is one of the least developed places on earth. Rebel groups continue to terrorize communities. Extreme poverty, malnutrition, infant mortality, and lack of education are common. Extreme poverty fuels the cycle of violence. Fractured, impoverished communities are more vulnerable to attack, child abduction, and rebel recruitment.

Many Congolese say they feel hopeless. They see a bleak future with no opportunity.


We can change this.


We start with listening and relationships. We believe that the best solutions come from local people, so we put their own ideas and talents front and center.

Mavuno trains communities to organize into locally-led “Grassroots Organizations,” or GOs. A GO becomes a powerful engine for social change. They elect their own leaders, establish their own structure, and receive training from the Mavuno team that sets them up for long-term success.

We launch businesses so people can lift themselves out of extreme poverty forever. Mavuno provides financing, access to quality seeds, fertilizer, and equipment; training from our expert advisors; and connection to markets. From roadside vegetable stands to livestock to value-added processing for international export, we are building businesses that transform entire communities.

Mavuno creates opportunity for the Congolese people to take charge of their own future, resulting in sustainable change.

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Let’s do this together.

Help us scale an idea that’s working.

Empower a community to create a future for themselves.



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