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David and Jamie discuss Mavuno's future
Onward to Beni: Reflections from the Road
July 23, 2017

By Jamie Nelson, CEO We are in the middle of our journey to the Mavuno headquarters town of Beni in the…

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Mavuno Welcomes Jamie Nelson as CEO
July 10, 2017

Every organization goes through pivotal moments during its history – turning points that can set the course for the future. Today,…

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Negotiation of the Extreme Poor
July 7, 2017

By Curtis Stuesse Since its independence in 1960 the DRC has been the costliest area of aid in the history of…

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Pamoja Tunaweza: Together We Can Accomplish Anything
June 20, 2017

By Aaron Wolcott, Special Advisor to the Directeur Général At Mavuno we have a singular focus: enabling local leaders to end…

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Kakule’s Story
June 16, 2017

Meet Kakule Longo. Kakule is a Mavuno partner who is making a difference by cultivating nearly a full hectare of cauliflower…

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Word Play: Translating and interpreting for the Congolese and American Mavuno teams
June 8, 2017

By Sarah Sommerkamp I’ve become more and more aware in my role as a translator and interpreter at Mavuno that we…

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You've seen the video. Now take action:

Posted by Mavuno on Thursday, May 25, 2017
Take action (VIDEO)
May 25, 2017

I’m Nathan, Mavuno’s VP of Communications. I’m the guy in our latest video, bouncing across the Congo and trying new fruit. I…

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Mavuno Relocates USA Office to Impact Hub Seattle
January 23, 2017

Congo-focused nonprofit cites Seattle’s vibrant scene of do-gooders and entrepreneurs as cause for move SEATTLE – Mavuno, a nonprofit social enterprise…

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You say tomato. We say empowerment.
December 5, 2016

By Becky Brosch and Serge Sikuli. Our partners aren’t just farmers. They’re entrepreneurs.  Nzwange Mathe, one of Mavuno’s partners, is sixty years…

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Mughunda’s clever marketing
November 17, 2016

To succeed in any business, you have to attract and retain customers. Think of all the ploys you’ve seen (and fallen…

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